There are fees charged from the light entrepreneur’s salary that are important for the light entrepreneur to get acquainted with. Test how much you could earn as a light entrepreneur with Pooli’s calculator! The result of the calculator is indicative.


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Service fee

Please note that, in addition to a service fee, an additional service fee of 2.8% and a social security contribution of 1.53% will be charged from your salary.

The more you invoice, the less you pay

Your service fee of 5% will decrease once you accumulate your invoicing with us. Previous accruals are always taken into account in the next level.

4,5 %

Invoicing is over €30,000

4 %

Invoicing is over €60,000

3 %

Invoicing is over €120,000

Service fee 

Pooli’s service fee is 5% of the invoicing amount without the value added tax. The service fee is charged upon the payment of the entrepreneurial income.

The service fee covers

  • Sending invoices (e-invoice, email invoice or by mail)
  • Payment reminders
  • Calculation of the entrepreneur’s income
  • Income payment
  • Tax returns and tax payments
  • Processing of the social security contribution
  • Incomes Register reports
  • Handling of recovery proceedings
  • Certificates required by a light entrepreneur


Additional services fee 

The additional services fee of 2.8% is automatically charged from all light entrepreneurs.

With the additional services fee, you will receive

  • Accident insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Extended liability insurance
  • Processing of travel invoices and the reimbursements of expenses
  • YEL guidance and help for getting YEL insurance
  • Debt collection of invoices
  • Undisputed collection by legal measures


Social security contribution

A social security contribution of 1.53% will be charged upon payment. The social security contribution is paid directly to the Tax Administration.


Quick payments

We will process received payments quickly. Depending on your bank, you can see your customer’s payments on the same day. We will not charge extra for our speed!

💡Service fees and health insurance contributions are tax-deductible and you can deduct them as expenses for the production of income through MyTax.


We charge an additional 3% as well as the normal service fee from InstantPay. With InstantPay, you will receive the money in your account before the invoice’s due date. We always evaluate the possibility of paying InstantPay on a case-by-case basis according to the terms below, and we also check that the invoice is undisputed by the company.


  • InstantPay can be paid from invoices that are directed to companies, the state, municipalities or other communities
  • The recipient of the invoice cannot have payment default entries
  • The invoice sender must have performed the work
  • The recipient of the invoice must have a reliable payment history with our invoicing service on the basis of multiple invoices
  • The invoice must be approved by the customer
  • Only travel and expense receipts that are delivered at the time of payment are taken into account in InstantPay
  • InstantPay can be paid from invoice amounts of less than EUR 5,000
  • We reserve the right to pay InstantPay

When is InstantPay paid?

InstantPay means an advance payment, which means that you will receive the payment before the due date of the invoice. We will always check that the invoice is undisputed and, after we have received a confirmation and, if the above-mentioned terms are fulfilled, we will send the InstantPay out for payment without delay. The processing time is usually 1–3 working days, depending on how quickly we receive a confirmation.

Ask for InstantPay from our customer service

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