Pooli is an invoicing service for both new and experienced light entrepreneurs. Invoicing is easy in Pooli: register for free, send an invoice and earn money.

What is light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship is a great way to start as an entrepreneur. The tasks of an entrepreneur include, for example, seeking customers, performing your work to the highest quality, as well as taking care of invoicing reliably and in accordance with the Tax Administration’s instructions. Entrepreneurship is a large undertaking for a budding entrepreneur. Light entrepreneurship is often an option for private trading. When you begin your journey as a light entrepreneur, you do not have to set up your own business or get a business ID!

What makes light entrepreneurship so light is also the lack of invoicing bureaucracy, since the invoicing service will take care of a light entrepreneur’s invoicing. Light entrepreneurship is especially suitable when working with projects or occasional jobs.

To whom?

Work as a secondary occupation alongside with your primary job

Do you do work as a secondary occupation alongside your primary job? Do you work part-time as a photographer, repairman, trainer or some other secondary occupation? Pooli is great for a light entrepreneur when it comes to invoicing work done as a secondary occupation. You just have to agree with your client or customer about the work, invoice them through Pooli and send Pooli your tax card. We will deal with all the paperwork and pay you your entrepreneurial income.

An option for an employment relationship

The traditional form of paid work is not always the most functional way in all industries. This is the case especially if you have multiple clients simultaneously or you continuously do project work. Our light entrepreneur service offers an easy and effortless way to invoice for your work. Pooli also offers you the freedom to agree on your work and price yourself, and offers your client an easy way to handle payments with a single invoice.

What should you know as a light entrepreneur?

Here are a few tips that are worth knowing before you start your journey as a light entrepreneur:

  1. Usually, value added tax is added to invoices. The value added taxes to be added are the common value added tax 24%, physical exercise services 10% or restaurant and catering services 14%. The construction industry’s reverse charge mechanism and foreign trade are exceptions. The invoice will be sent under Pooli’s business ID and this allows you to work as an entrepreneur without having to set up your own business!
  2. Self-employed person’s pension insurance (YEL insurance) must be taken out when your labour income as an entrepreneur is at least EUR 8,063.57 per year (in 2021).
  3. You can deduct Pooli’s service fees and YEL insurance payments in your taxation. You can deduct the expenses in the expenses for the production of income in Mytax.fi. You can get a report of the paid service fees from Pooli. 

Why work as a light entrepreneur?

Invoicing will only take a minute

It is easy to invoice your customer’s through Pooli. Deliver your tax card, send the invoice and you will receive your entrepreneur’s income straight to your bank account. You do not need to have your own company when you register with Pooli. Easy, isn’t it?

Less paperwork

When you use Pooli, you are transferring the paperwork to us. We will take care of light entrepreneurs’ invoicing and the payment of corporate taxes quickly and reliably. When you are a light entrepreneur, you do not have to worry about accounting either.

You will receive payments quickly

We will pay payments quickly for light entrepreneurs. You can receive the payments to your account even on the same day. 

Operating as a light entrepreneur is risk-free

Light entrepreneurship is risk-free. You can try out your idea without having to set up your own company and invoice through Pooli. Anyone can be a light entrepreneur!

You can also invoice private persons

Yes, you can send invoices to organisations and private persons from Pooli.

Joining does not commit you to anything

Registering with Pooli and maintaining an account is free. Pooli does not obligate you to invoice. You can transfer to another company form at anytime.

Accident and liability insurance 

You will receive valid liability insurance through our service for the duration of the invoiceable job. The liability insurance is always valid for construction industry professionals for whom the liability insurance is automatically included in the service fee.

What does Pooli cost?

A Pooli light entrepreneur only pays for the work that they have done or the invoices they have sent. The fees are charged upon the payment of salary. A service fee will be charged from the salary as well as other important fees.

💡 You can deduct Pooli’s service fees in your taxation. 

Customer service at your service

We are happy to help you with any questions you might have about light entrepreneurship. Send us email at info@pooli.fi, call us: +358 20 730 7252. Our customer service is open Mon-Fri 9–16.